My Approach

I see myself as a guide on your journey of growth.  None of us perfectly understands the landscape around us or always knows the next step to take.  We all need some direction or perspective at times.  My role is to give you a safe place to explore what you are experiencing so that you can develop a clearer understanding of how to get where you want to go.  

I have found that most of the things my clients want to change are really signs of strength and resilience.  You see, when we experience challenging times, we have to find a way to survive.  The things we do in those moments get us through, proving that we are strong and capable.  What helps us survive a crisis, however, may not serve us well in the long run.  Therapy can assist you in upgrading your coping skills to ones that align with your goals and promote your overall wellness. 

The great news is that your brain and body were quite literally built with the ability to heal themselves.  Overwhelming and traumatic experiences can jam up the natural healing process.  Trauma-informed therapy helps to get things moving again, unleashing your inner wisdom and transforming painful experiences.    

Starting therapy, even thinking about it, requires bravery.  It comes with the awareness that you will have to go outside of your comfort zone.  Taking the steps to heal is easier when you have someone understanding and caring by your side.  I believe that everyone deserves to experience freedom from suffering.  You are no exception (even if that voice is trying to convince you otherwise).  Let me be there with you as you embark on the road to healing.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy is a research based phase model of treatment.  It involves first gathering information about history, presenting concerns, and current function.  Then goals for therapy are identified.  Afterward, skills to support stabilization of mood and function are introduced and practiced.  The next step involves resolution of trauma and loss memories through use of EMDR, Progressive Counting, and/or Flash.  Then we work on any anticipated future challenges.